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Steps To Better Home Security

It isn’t difficult to understand why home security is important. Not only does it protect your most valuable items and keep your family safe from harm, it also brings you a sense of peace of mind. It’s important, however, that you work with equipment that your household members can easily operate and understand. If you install a security system that is too complex, then the system often gets ignored because people do not know how to work the equipment and it becomes a hassle to have around.

There are many ways to secure your home without dealing with a complex security system. The trick to making your home secure is to really get into the mind of the person who may decide to intrude into your home. By doing so, you can begin to create obstacles and scare tactics which will either prevent an intruder from ever attempting to break into your home or make completing their mission very difficult. Below are some of the most common ways to better secure your home.

First and foremost, one of the best ways to prevent your home from being broken into is to make your home appear occupied at all times. Thieves look for homes that appear undefended and unoccupied. If you can trick them into thinking someone is always home then the chances of them targeting your home lessons. Remember to do the following, especially when you are out of town.

  • Always pick up your mail and newspapers. If you are out of town then ask a friend or neighbor to do it for you. A pile-up of mail and newspapers is a dead giveaway that a home has been unoccupied for awhile.
  • Make sure that there are lights on in your house. Lights that are set on timers make doing this very easy. Timed lighting can change the array of lights within your home so that when you are away it will still appear as though someone is in your house switching lights on and off.
  • Consider leaving a TV or radio on when you leave the house so that noise is created and the home appears to be active.
  • If you are making plans to go on trip, consider making arrangements to have a car parked in front of your house or in your driveway.

In addition to creating the appearance of occupancy, it often helps to install some sort of a wall or fence around the perimeter of your property. Doing so will make it difficult for an intruder to get near your home. Or if caught, it will make it harder for the intruder to escape. Keep in mind, just because you have a security fence or other perimeter defense installed doesn’t mean that your home should go unprotected. Consider installing cameras or motion detector lights as well.

Doors and windows are the next two areas that you should focus on when securing your home. When selecting exterior doors, it is most important to focus your attention on structural integrity and locks. Deadbolt locks are recommended for exterior doors because they offer the most security. Furthermore, doors with peepholes are a must. Peepholes allow you to check out a visitor before answering the door. You can also use surveillance cameras and intercom systems to screen your guests.

If you have sliding glass doors in your house, there are few ways to make them more secure. The most common thing to do as a security enhancement is to place a metal bar or broom handle in the inside floor track. This will prevent sliding doors from being lifted out of their tracks or forced open. You can also use the screws at the top and bottom of the inside of the door to control how the door sits in the track. Simply adjust the screws so that the door cannot be lifted while the broom or metal bar is in place.

As with doors, windows should also be secure. In most cases, there are many more windows within a home compared to the amount of doors. With so many windows to keep an eye on, homeowners are usually bound to leave one open and unattended. Always remember to systematically check all of the windows within your home and make sure that they are locked. This especially important to do before bed and when you leave the house. Also, consider using heavier locks and window pins for extra protection.

In addition to doors and windows, garages are another access point that burglars commonly break in to. Breaking in to a house through the garage is a plus for most thieves because many valuable items are stored within the garage that can easily be stolen and often times the door leading into your house from your garage is left unlocked. Make sure that you have a secure garage door and that you lock the door leading into your garage at all times. Keep in mind, skylights, crawl spaces; attic vents and other small opening should be secured as well.

Many times, the above solutions will protect your home and lead thieves away. However, sometimes the intruder will be persistent. Persistent intruders need to be scared off more and an alarm system is a great way to do that. Alarm systems can be either simple devices or complex devices. Prices vary enormously depending on their sophistication. It is highly recommended that you invest in a more sophisticated alarm system if your home has many valuables or is in a neighborhood known for frequent break-ins because thieves can easily disable simple systems. However, make sure you and any other household members understand how to operate the system once it is installed.

The last thing you will want to do is record all your valuable items so that you can keep track of what you have in case something turns up missing. Homeowners should etch their driver’s license number or social security number on the metal surfaces of valuables. By doing so, the items can be easily returned to you if the police happen to come across them later on down the road. Photographs are helpful as well so consider taking snap shots of valuable items like artwork and antiques.

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